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I’m Martin Herrera, Santa Fe’s premier personal trainer. This is body, mind and spirit training. My intention is to create each training session to meet your individual needs. My way is simple, come have fun and if you’re having fun you will keep coming back, and by continuing to come back you will create consistency and the consistency will create results. Getting results will create the happiness of a body, mind and spirit connection.
I use various methods of exercise. Traditional weight training, bands, medicine balls, Russian kettle bells, functional training geared toward activities in your life. I have sixteen years martial arts training which we will work into the sessions. This will be more than kickboxing aerobics. We will work on balance, hand eye coordination, coordinating your breathing to movement.

“To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe.” 
Anatole Franception

Bring the body and the mind and the spirit will follow. We will train in movement, since you live your life in movement it will benefit whatever your goal is. When you improve your life and health, everyone benefits. Your attitude and outlook on life changes. You will grow as an individual, consistently growing in body, mind and spirit. Remember it’s the journey not the destination that joy truly comes from.

It’s all about the fun!

Marty is a certified NASM trainer who offers training in the comfort of your home, hotel or Santa Fe Spa; the largest health club in Santa Fe, NM.

Marty offers training in a variety of modalities – functional, core, boxing, kick boxing, kettle bells, TRX and traditional weight training, all customized to fit your specific goals.

Among Santa Fe visitors who’ve worked with Marty is renowned Here is an excerpt from an article in The New Yorker magazine describing her experience with Marty:

When DiDonato arrives for a gig, she likes to sign up for some form of physical training. In Santa Fe, she opted for kickboxing. Her trainer was Marty Herrera, a man with a tough face and a sweet personality, who works at the Santa Fe Spa. DiDonato was impressed by the fact that he had been an extra on the TV show “Breaking Bad,” which filmed in Albuquerque….While warming up, DiDonato explained to Herrera why kickboxing might come in handy: “The kind of roles I play, almost half the time I’m portraying a boy or a young man, so I like to have more physical options…

Take off the chains of old ideas of what exercise is. Experience a child like enjoyment of what awaits you. Whatever your fitness level is right now is where we start. Push through the feeling of “I can’t,” or “It’s not for me,” and have a new experience.

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